Episode #166

Marco Bailey

Super excited to showcase a relentless veteran who has been pushing the boundaries and evolving musically over the last 20+ years, MARCO BAILEY. Last year he launched his latest imprint, Materia, where his new album ‘Temper’ will be released in two weeks on Nov 3rd, 2017. His exclusive mix for The Erratic Podcast includes 4 cracking, new tracks from the LP and the acoustic journey he delivers is supreme and delightful –a true veteran at his best. Sit back and enjoy ride!


1. Marco Bailey : Kaida
2. MR. G : How Deep
3. Kenny Larkin : Step Back
4. Elays : Dead Planets
5. Marco Bailey : Planet Mad
6. Hans Boufmyhre : Wrong Tactics – Kessel remix
7. Patrick Skoog : Frontiers
8. Shlomo : Hardwave
9. Wilderz : Agorafobia
10. Wilderz : Souvenir
11. Joyhauser ; Bad Generator – Marcio Bailey mix
12. Rodhad : Target Line featuring Vril
13. Marco Bailey : Feel Its Time
14. Marco Bailey : Naga
15. M83 : By the kiss -LEE Van Dowski

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Marco Bailey in the mix for Erratic