Episode #164

Brothers Black

Coming up next we have a truly wicked mix from a young duo hailing from Berlin, BROTHERS BLACK. Originally from London, where they co-founded Bade Records, these two fine djs and artists have been leaving quite the mark around the German capital. Just a few weeks back, they launched their self-titled new label, Brothers Black, with a smashing four-tracker EP of their own –amassing plays and accolades from the top techno stars. Their sound and style is quite unique and begs the listener to reminisce, echoing kicks and drums from times past. The next hour is surely a treat as it courses through less frequented layers of the techno palette: the grit, the dark, the tribal… all these coming together providing a fresh and driving techno journey seldom heard these days. Ladies and gentlemen, these are Brothers Black live in the mix for The Erratic Podcast. Please Enjoy!


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Brothers Black in the mix for Erratic