Episode #157


Erratic Podcast 157 comes from one of the young, rising stars out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, ALDERAAN. His sound is piercing and enveloping and over the last couple of years he has released superlative works across Planet Rhythm, Mindtrip, and Animal Farm to name a few. Next month, in July 2017, his latest EP is due on Warm Up, featuring an incredible four-tracker including a remix of the boss himself, Mulero, and is no doubt his magnus opus to date. The mix he contributed for the series is no less extraordinary and showcases the entire range of sounds he is known for: percussive drum patterns, electrifying synths, and driving tribalesque undertones. This is Alderaan live in the mix exclusive for The Erratic Pocast. Enjoy!


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Alderaan in the mix for Erratic