Episode #150


In occasions like this, it’s hard to look back over the many years now and reminiscence about the incredible roster of guests we have been able to host in the series, giving them a chance to shine big and bright from our small and humble spotlight. After 6 years running The Erratic Podcast and commemorating our 150th episode, we are deeply honored to give the stage to none other than SLAM! Stuart and Orde need no introduction, of course, as they’ve been a techno institution for the last 25+ years, running the incomparable Soma Records out of their home town of Glasgow. In recent years, they have been managing their own podcast series ‘Slam Radio’ (something we can surely relate to), which in the past 5 years has also hosted the absolute best in techno: now at 230+ podcast/radio shows strong. It is due to this, in combination with their superlative and highly successful track-record, that we are supremely proud and humbled to feature them in our milestone episode… marking year 6 of our beloved podcast series, The Erratic Podcast. Stuart and Orde definitely do bring the heat in this mix, so be sure to absorb and celebrate it to the utmost. Ladies and gents, without further ado, here’s SLAM live. Please Enjoy!!


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Slam in the mix for Erratic