Episode #148


Incredible podcast contribution straight from Buenos Aires by one of the finest young artists Argentina has to be offer, FARCEB. Very glad to have the opportunity to welcome him into the series showcasing, as it’s customary, one of his utterly brilliant and completely transcendental studio mixes. In 2015 he founded his own label, Nordem Records; and in 2016 he released two top-in-class, four-tracker EPs on Arts and MindTrip (the latter a collaboration with compatriot Alderaan). The last couple of years have marked significant growth in Farceb’s musical career and his future is, without a doubt, as bright as the incomparable depth and quality of his artistic productions. This is Farceb in the mix, folks. Enjoy!


Listen on Soundcloud
Farceb techno mix for the Erratic Podcast