Episode #143


Continuing with the Spanish showcase of talent this month, the next podcast episode comes fresh off the North of the Peninsula at the helm of a rising and very talented artist, RUPTUR3. He debuted on PoleGroup’s Aine last summer and later contributed to the “Free Inspiration Treaty” in the fall, a compilation of young artists with tremendous potential. Exclusive for his contribution to The Erratic Podcast, Christian weaved together an exceptional piece of electronic music, cursing the visceral and electrifying connections between machines and sonics. The journey and story is one of the most unique the series has received yet. This is Ruptur3 live in the mix. Please Enjoy!



Charlotte Isabelle / Antakarana [SAM23]
Aphex Twin / Leaves [WARPCD21]
Rrose / Arc Unknown [INF 023]
KGIV / Mockingbird(Original Mix) [TEETH-4]
Motionen / Dialogue [ASCETIC001LTD]
Abdulla Rashim / Vestal Witness [NE34]
Antigone / Walking Distance(Original Mix) [TOKEN68]
Tadeo / The Globular Ray [TOKEN69]
Sev Dah&Jeff Rushin / Morana [MOTE048]
Rrose / Prism Guard [EAUX291]
Ulwhednar / Begravd Under Is [NE13]
Planetary Assault Systems / blue Monk [OSTGUTLP23]
Aphex Twin / Stone in Focus [WARPCD21]
Squarepusher – Vacuum Garden [WARPLP148]

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Ruptur3 techno mix for the Erratic Podcast