Episode #142


Heads up folks! What we have next is 1 hour of surgical and quintessential techno mixed exclusively for The Erratic Podcast by one of the leading techno stalwarts the Spanish Peninsula has to offer, TENSAL. One half of the widely acclaimed and long-standing duo from Spain, Exium, Hector Sandoval started releasing under this new moniker and side project almost 3 years ago. At the core, the sound is powerful, functional, and minimalist… based on “cyclic lines and vintage synthesizers.” The podcast you are about to listen embodies all these qualities and even more – it encapsulates almost two decades of musical experience and evolution not only within the genre itself, but as an artform and mode of expression as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tensal live in the mix. Please sit back and ENJOY!


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Tensal techno mix for the Erratic Podcast