Episode #140


What a phenomenal show we have for you as Erratic Podcast 140. Our next guest graced the series some years ago and is now back under her new alias, INSOLATE. Formerly known as Miss Sunshine, she is one of the finest techno djs Eastern Europe has to offer and her reputation and experience more than speak for themselves: she is an exceptional deejay and producer, event curator, and recent label owner boasting two decades into her career, thus far. Her newest venture, her own imprint “Out Of Place”, is fresh and exciting, and home to her latest output under Insolate — pure, raw, acid sounds. Responsible for curating shows at her Croatian hometown venue of Traum, her contribution to The Erratic Podcast is the recorded set from her New Year’s Eve gig, where she took the local audience on a 3-hour joyride of deep and driving techno. This is one of the most interesting contribution’s we’ve received as intertwined with the onslaught of unapologetic, pounding techno you can hear the crowd in the background having one of the best times of their lives. And rightly so: the journey is unique, the music elevating; and the mixing extraordinary. Without further adieu, here it is folks! Insolate mixing live from Traum. Sick back and enjoy! :)


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Insolate techno mix for the Erratic Podcast