Episode #139


HAPPY 2017 FOLKS! We are super excited to present our first podcast of the New Year featuring an extremely talented artist who has been on our radar for a while, REFRACTED. Originally from Spain but based in Berlin for several years now, he has been releasing exquisite productions for Silent Season; his own Mind Express; the inauguration EP of Polegroup’s digital-only sublabel, Aine; and most recently his one-tracker to Polegroup’s Unknown Landscapes Volume 4.

As you will soon hear, Refracted’s mixing skills are unique and incomparable, always weaving in and out of different techno styles and tempos equally as masterfully as effortlessly. His contribution for us is a Live recording from his recent warmup set at Globus, Tresor, where he delivered an absolutely astonishing, mind-blowing set. It is perfectly balanced, captivating, and most importantly it is the essence of what music represents to him “it is all about connections and it’s at its most vital when it speaks to you in a voice only you seem to hear.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is Refracted mixing live from Tresor. Enjoy this hour-long masterpiece!


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Refracted techno mix for the Erratic Podcast