Episode #136

Michal Jablonski

Once again, we have another outstanding LIVE contribution to The Erratic Podcast – MICHAL JABLONSKI. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Michal is a great, young talent whose passion for techno started by playing vinyls and after experimenting with sounds, later developed into an energetic Live act solely composed of his own music. Borrowing from broken beats and straight, driving kicks his live recordings are unique, organic, and glimpse the audience into beautiful fragments of tightly arranged and finely produced multi-faceted techno. Without a doubt, the next hour is a very impressive showcase of Michal’s complex palette of sounds along with his powerful, live deliverance. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Michal Jablonski performing LIVE exclusively for The Errratic Podcast. ENJOY!


Listen on Soundcloud
Michal Jablonski techno mix for the Erratic Podcast