Episode #135


Sound, when alive, is a restless organism… and the sound that rises from Stefano Aimola’s and Daniele Mariani’s production, is one of a pulsating life in continuous and relentless evolution; the simple attempt of defining it ends up bridling even the farthest idea of prismatic production. In short, we are supremely excited to present to you the next installment of The Erratic Podcast – Episode 135 as a Live recording that transcends all notions and boundaries, and breaks through all our prior precedents. Their combined experience in clubs has taught the two of them the rhythm of night and dawn, but what’s inside OUTPOST, is also the result of an immense study.

These are seeds whose mysterious growth cannot be told but just enjoyed. The journey we are presenting to you right now is concrete and pulses, unapologeatically, thru the nerves of who is in it at the moment. It departs from internal dimensions to shape (albeith just apparent) a distant Earth. It moves between the broken rhythmics of hypnotic loops, which are bridled by distortion chains, delays and reverbs. And finally, the supremely, ethereal journey lands to resonate as a new aesthetic and awareness, as a completely cleansed and new approach towards the sound matter.

Please, sit back and enjoy. And once again, this is OUTPOST Live exclusively for The Erratic Podcast, Episode 135.


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Outpost techno mix for the Erratic Podcast