Episode #134

Joaquin Ruiz

Our next installment is a truly brilliant episode by one of the rising, young stars from Buenos Aires, Argentina, JOAQUIN RUIZ. We are extremely elated to give him the stage to showcase his wicked skills powering through a beautiful and astounding techno session. Influenced by the sounds of classic Detroit and modern Berlin, his style is unique and takes the listener on a quintessential ride that combs and blends the very best in techno today. Joaquin has quite a stacked schedule of releases coming up, some of which involve Newrhythmic, Injected Poison, and Raw Raw Records to name a few –including remixes from the respective label owners. In this mix for us, he left nothing behind and poured heart and soul into the 60-minute journey that is equally mind-blowing as it is perfect. Utterly cerebral, fast-paced, and absolutely introspective: this is Joaquin Ruiz live in the mix exclusively for The Erratic Podcast. As always, sit back and enjoy this timeless ride!


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Joaquin Ruiz techno mix for the Erratic Podcast