Episode #129

Altstadt Echo

Very proud to welcome as our next guest one heck of an artist from our side of the pond, ALTSTADT ECHO. Hailing from Detroit, he’s part of the new-wave techno artists to have made quite a splash onto the scene in the last few years. Thus far, he has been associated with Blank Code’s LTD releases, which lean towards the avant-garde and experimental textures of techno, as well his own imprint, Modern Cathedrals – marking this Fall its 4th vinyl release by the man himself.

Shortly, the label will be revealing its Fall schedule of events slated to take place across new venues throughout the Motor City and will be featuring both techno legends as well as newer, younger artists exploring the depths of noise and sound as they relate to the subtleties of the genre. As you will be able to listen in the next hour, Altstadt’s sound is layered and complex, and the cohesiveness and harmonies of the sound arrangements are top in class. Tune in and enjoy, folks! :)


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In the mix with Altstadt Echo for Erratic