Episode #128


Next up on The Erratic Podcast we are very excited to welcome aboard another extremely talented, young artist, this time coming straight from France, HYDRANGEA. She specializes on the deeper, more emotive side of techno and with every one of her works she delivers truly stunning pieces of electronic music. Much like the name describes itself, Hydrangea’s sound is based on nature and the organic emotions it inspires on her – hiding at the core doses of both enchanting and intoxicating sonics.

Thus far in her tenure as an artist, she’s managed to release among the best labels catering to this unique and enthralling sound: Silent Season, Annulled, Natch, and Dust Recordings all of which have received outstanding reception and feedback. In 2015, her debut LP “Dawn Lights” came to fruition, followed a few months later by her self-released LP “Escape From Reality” – an extremely personal and heartfelt tribute to the passing of her sister – via her own Bandcamp page.

As you will soon hear throughout the next 50 minutes of utterly captivating soundscapes, Hydrangea has a bright future ahead (including several projects to see the light of day shortly), and she feels right at home when expounding her complex palette of ethereal emotions. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Hydrangea in the mix. Enjoy!


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In the mix with Hydrangea for Erratic