Episode #127

Anastasia Kristensen

What a wicked show we have for you folks! Our next guest, hailing from Copenhagen via Moscow, is a young artist who has been making quite a name for herself over the past couple of years, ANASTASIA KRISTENSEN. Having released on Monasterio’s debut release from Moscow and now co-running Count 0 alongside Ctrls and Funeral Future out of Copenhagen, Anastasia is definitely a tour de force that’s only getting started.

Her eclecticism in musical taste is wide-reaching and encompassing, and is always elegantly manifested in all of her techno journeys, be it inside the club playing live feeding off the energy from the crowd or in the studio mixing, producing borrowing from her knowledge on electronic music amassed during her teenage years. For us, she put together a smashing hour of top-notch techno, full of superb and unreleased cuts that will surely keep your heart-rate in check.

Coming up for Anastasia on the production front, is a remix on BLD Tape due next month and an original work for the Black V/A series on Nous Disques due in October. And that same month you can catch this fine laureate in action, where she’s been billed to wreak havoc at the Culture Box in the Danish capital for the Perc Trax showcase. Without further adieu, here’s Anastasia live in the mix. Enjoy!


Listen on Soundcloud
In the mix with Anastasia Kristensen for Erratic