Episode #126


Our next guest is no doubt the epitome of artistic independence and self-expression. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome YUKA. She has released her exquisite sounds mostly via her own Bandcamp page as well as her other home, Fullpanda. Her works are rare and few apart, yet what draws the listener to her art is Yuka’s innate ability to convey unique and penetrating feelings, regardless of tempo and convention, leaving the audience needing more.

Yuka has been on our wishlist for a while so we are very excited to finally be able to feature her amazing talent on our series. The next 60 minutes are both equally as absorbing as ejecting, pulling the listener inwards and outwards, unveiling all of Yuka’s bold and superlative artistry. This is one of her most cerebral and introspective journeys yet – YUKA in the mix exclusively for The Erratic Podcast. Enjoy!


Listen on Soundcloud
In the mix with Yuka for Erratic