Episode #125

Luigi Tozzi

A leaf, a petal, a summer breeze and a stroll through the hidden pleasures of the most remote corners of artistic expression – Our next episode transports the listener to a higher place of feeling and being. The musical journey you are about to embark on is magnificent, thrilling, awe-striking, and truly inspiring. Along the way, this masterful composition exudes a multitude of authentic and uncanny emotions that will make you reflect upon and absorb the utter power of the human senses. This contribution is extremely special to both the artist and to us, as it marks the 5-year anniversary of our beloved series. We sincerely could not be any prouder, excited, and humbled in having Luigi provide the exquisite soundtrack to this milestone. Surely, this is something that will stand the test of time. Dear friends and followers, please welcome into The Erratic Podcast, LUIGI TOZZI ! And please keep this one close to your hearts :)


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