Episode #120

Héctor Oaks

Next on The Erratic Podcast we are happy to welcome aboard a very talented, young artist who has been on our watch-list for a while, HÉCTOR OAKS. Based in Berlin by way of Madrid, he’s made quite a name for himself in the last couple of years. In 2014 he joined the KEY imprint and later became part of the Unbroken Booking agency, a established collective of friends and artists from Berlin. Hector has also released superlative works on Sonntag Morgen, Quant, and Mutewax along with a slew of spectacular remixes that have been played by superstar djs around the world. At the start of this year 2016, he founded his own imprint, OAKS, with its first release being one of his strongest works yet. Sound-wise, what is unique about Hector is his uncanny sense of producing truly evoking and outstanding pieces of timeless techno. Powerful, deep, raw and emotive his sound juxtaposes classic and soulful Detroit with Berlin’s modern raw and powerful sound, meanwhile infusing his trademark of authentic and enthralling melodies. In this mix for us, he delivers a seminal session full of good old, stomping techno mixed with exquisite, varied textures. This ride is certainly one that will be remembered and relived for times to come. Héctor Oaks in the mix, folks! Enjoy.


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Hector Oaks in the mix for Erratic