Episode #119


Our next podcast episode comes from an artist who is no stranger to the Erratic series and is a good friend of ours, CHANSKI. He’s been featured several times before (last one being 2 years ago), and for this occasion he has graciously submitted the recording from his latest DJ set – an event that took place in our own home turf of Brooklyn, hosted by the Aphotic crew, with Claudio PRC as the main headliner.

Tim has been very busy in the studio lately playing with different sounds and gear, carving and finessing his own way. His latest endeavor is an album (his second to date) titled “Music For The Ancient”, where a few of his tracks are peppered throughout this mix. Needless to say, we were there in that dark Brooklyn warehouse when this show went down and his entire set was as per usual… smooth and beautiful. We are very glad to once again host Tim on the Erratic Podcast, so without further ado, this is Chanski live in the mix! Enjoy!

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Chanski in the mix for Erratic