Episode #115


Smoke, strobes, darkness, bone-chilling coldness, and pulsating bass: Our next guest’s style is no doubt the epitome of what it means to experience the sheer power of the raw and raging, ebullient techno genre. ANETHA is a fantastic dj who caught our attention not too long ago and ever since then we’ve been very eager in awarding her the spotlight on our podcast series.

A resident of Blocaus in Paris, she’s made quite a name for herself recently, both on the deejaying and production fronts. Her debut EP “Ophiucus” came out last year on Work Them Records, receiving massive accolades and quickly becoming sold out. Much like her dj sets, her production style is characterized by the raw and vibrant, ravey warehouse feel that is filled with so much energy and tension; and the result of each one of her works is supremely elevating. Blending the old-school with the avant-garde, her music is truly evoking and transports the listener to the times every music lover (and dancer), has had on the dancefloor — where dreams and reality become one — and after that moment’s passed, one cannot but dwell and yearn for reliving it once more.

Anetha’s set for us does just that — sequesters you on a journey through the deepest and rawest corners of your mind and soul… all while cursing the richest and oldest of techno catalogs. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Anetha in the mix. Please Enjoy!


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Anetha in the mix for Erratic