Episode #113


Our next podcast episode is without a doubt one of the strongest we’ve received as of late: it is raw, it is old-school, and it is absolutely banging. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the The Erratic Podcast, ENDLEC. Hailing from Greece, he was recently catapulted to the forefront via the Mord powerhouse. Within a year, he’s contributed two spectacular EPs (the last one being a blistering eight-tracker, “Theories and Subjects of Substance”) solidifying him as one of the mainstays. Full of twisted and distorted sounds, his style, both in his productions and stomping dj sets, is a clear reference to the early techno from the 90s, which has been his influence and devotion ever since. For this occasion, he’s delivered an abominable 2-hour mix blending the old with the new, showcasing the dynamism and physicality of his style. Without further adieu, this is Endlec in the mix. Enjoy!


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Endlec from MORD in the mix for Erratic