Episode #111


Happy 2016 folks! We are very excited to start off the New Year introducing the very talented Italian, Berlin-based, artist SYNTHEK. He is a resident at Tresor and co-founder (alongside Audiolouis) of Natch Records, label under which the tremendous Unwise LP was released in 2014. Both the album and remix packages gained critical acclaim and pushed Luca to the forefront. His latest endeavors –– MRI EP for Wunderblock and the second release for his own STK imprint –– are equally phenomenal and can be heard in this mix, recorded live at the intimate Das Lokal in Poland. Luca’s sound is powerful and enveloping, carrying intricate layers of dub throughout. The next 80 minutes are a testament to his sound and style, and we are proud to feature him in the series. This is Synthek live in the mix. Enjoy!


Listen on Soundcloud
Synthek in the mix for Erratic