Episode #110

Hessler b2b Neumann

Ladies and gentlemen – what we are about to present to you is a podcast episode like none we’ve had before. It is one of those rare and unique pieces of recorded dance history that we seldom get to experience in their entirety on the dancefloor, much less have the pleasure of reliving from almost beginning to end. For Erratic Podcast 110, we are honored to showcase a whopping 7 hours from THOMAS HESSLER and VINCENT NEUMANN’s back-to-back set at the infamous Distillery in Leipzig, Germany. This epic night took place a few weeks ago on Saturday, December 5, 2015 and the journey is unprecedented and extraordinary. We are extremely excited to feature this monster of a mix and hope you enjoy every hour of it as much as we do. Happy Holidays folks! ENJOY :)


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Thomas Hessler Vincent Nuemann dj mix recorded at Distillery Leipzig