Episode #105

Claudio PRC

Beautiful – simply beautiful – is the only way to succinctly describe our next episode on the show. It comes from Italy (by way of Barcelona, where he is now living), from one of the most talented and truly sensational artists out there, CLAUDIO PRC. His approach towards sound is uncanny and his works and projects more than speak for themselves. He is the co-founder of the acclaimed “The Gods Planet” project (and label) alongside friend and partner, Ness, and he has been delivering deep and transcending electronic music for the past five years. We really couldn’t be any more ecstatic to have him be part of the series, especially contributing such a brilliant piece of thought-provoking and awe-striking music worth every single second of it. Without further adieu, this is Claudio PRC in the mix exclusive for The Erratic Podcast. Please dive in and enjoy.


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Claudio PRC DJ mix for Erratic