Episode #101


Following up the momentous, quadrennial episode from the Erratic founders, we welcome next in the series a duo whose sound and style have no rival, ONTAL. Hailing from Serbia and composed of Boris Noiz and Darko Kolar, we are huge fans of all their works and are extremely thrilled to have them showcased in The Erratic Podcast. Their mixes come few and apart; are always layered and multi-faceted; and with each one of them they simply out-do themselves by raising the bar to unprecedented levels. Just last month, they released their debut album ‘The Topics’ (a collaboration with British duo, Dronelock), that was released on Shadow Story, the label run by the latter pair. In Ontal’s mix for us, you get to sample two of the twelve cuts that make the LP, as well as 26 other tracks, loops, and bits and pieces of astounding, beautiful techno – all surgically mixed into 1 hour of abominable sound, remarkable journey. Undoubtedly, this is for the headiest of heads, the bravest of souls, the strongest of hearts. Ladies and gentleman, this is Ontal live in the mix. Enjoy!



01. Ivardensphere – Infinite Beauty (Metropolis)
02. Zosima – Siberia (Noiztank)
03. Supersimmetria – Transmutation (Hands Productions)
04. Sleeparchive – Loop 2 (Repitch Recordings)
05. Mark Morris & Unam Zetineb – Mano09 (Ontal Remix) (Mano Recordings)
06. Dronelock & Ontal – Sources Of Argument (Shadow Story)
07. Dronelock & Ontal – Ultimate Question (Shadow Story)
08. AnD – Higgs Boson (Earwiggle)
09. Ionosphere – Into Endless Night (Power & Steel)
10. Tzusing – 4 Floors Of Whores (L.I.E.S.)
11. Syntech – Drive Hunt (Hands Productions)
12. The Rewipes Pt. 3 (Steve Bicknell Version) (Edit Select Records)
13. Stave – Hardened Chord (Regis Remix) (Repitch Recordings)
14. Syntech – Panic (Hands Productions)
15. Uncto – Judas Cradle (Orphx Remix) (Furanum Records)
16. Brxsdale – Soma Disskvltvra (unreleased)
17. Sigha – Loop Two (Avian)
18. AnD – Power Spectrum (O/H remix) (Electric Deluxe)
19. Delusions – Illusions (Voidloss Zos Kia Kutus mix) (Ballistic)
20. Dronelock & Ingen – Pearls (unreleased)
21. Phase Fatale – Grain (Silent Servant remix) (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
22. AnD – Power Spectrum (Sleeparchive remix) (Electric Deluxe)
23. Synus0006 – Modern (Ontal remix) (B4ck6roundno1se)
24. Blawan – Fentanyl (Ternesc)
25. Brxsdale – Deadly Medley pt2 (unreleased)
26. Delusions – Drill Your Own Hole (Ontal remix) (Ballistic)
27. Eomac – Heretic (Inner Surface Music)
28. Mark Fell & Gábor Lázár – The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making A2 (The Death Of Rave)

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