Episode #100

Dos Lokos

After 4 years of running and curating The Erratic Podcast, we have reached milestone episode 100 and, without further adieu, wanted to send a sincere Thank You to every single one of you for the continued support and keeping us one hundred episodes strong. To commemorate the occasion, we decided to feature none other than the Erratic founders themselves, DOS LOKOS, with one of their strongest pieces yet. Their contribution – a combination of shrewd, cerebral and evoking techno – showcases a deeper take and sensibility, this time cursing and traversing the unprecedented. As usual, the journey is composed of and features artists and labels they genuinely admire and support (both veterans and newcomers, established and becoming), and it presents to you a unique palette of sounds that do the quadrennial episode justice; as well as it showcases Nico and Jason’s passion towards the genre. Without further adieu, ladies and gentleman, here are the Erratic founders live in the mix for Episode 100. Please listen, share and enjoy!

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In the mix with Dos Lokos for Erratic