Nov 22nd, 2013

Adam X Extended Set

Celebrating our anniversary with a Techno legend

LOCATION CHANGE: Due to very sudden circumstances, Sullivan Room has officially closed (update here). As it was one of NY’s most recognized clubs, we are sad to see it go on such short notice. However, we were able to move quickly and procure another venue for this event: TBA Brooklyn in Williamsburg, a new space quickly gaining traction among the underground music heads. All of our pricing and specials remain the same: 2-for-1 drink specials until 11, free before midnight with RSVP, so the show is still in full effect and we expect you to come down and celebrate our anniversary with us :)

Erratic presents: Our 2-Year Anniversary with Adam X
TBA Brooklyn (395 Wythe Ave, NY)
Free before midnight, $10 after with RSVP
2-for-1 drink specials (10-11pm)

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On Friday, November 22nd, Erratic proudly presents its 2-Year Anniversary, hosting one of the most iconic and long-standing techno figures of the last 20 years – New York’s own Adam X. On this night, he will play a special, extended set commemorating the occasion, which will take place at TBA Brooklyn. The residents and founders, Jason T. & LoKKoTRONN (aka Dos Lokos), will open things up until Adam takes control for the rest of the night.

Adam Mitchell, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is truly one of the most important and revered entities in techno. His involvement with the genre and creative output spans over 20 years and across four ongoing projects, all under different pseudonyms: Adam X, Traversable Wormhole, ADMX-71, and most recently, AX&P (a collaboration with Perc).

His humble beginnings date back to 1990 when (after being one of the most sought-after graffiti artists in New York at the time) he partnered with his older brother, Frankie Bones, to establish the first all-techno record shop in America, Groove Records, located in Brooklyn. This was also the time when they instituted and started throwing the infamous ‘storm raves’, deep within the barely-accessible junkyards of NY’s subway system. The raves and the record shop went hand-in-hand in helping spread the sound they were curating to the thousands of attendees and followers; it was techno coming mostly from Belgium, the UK, and Detroit (R&S, CJ Bolland; Warp, LFO; UR).

In ‘91, Adam had the chance to DJ for the first time (to a crowd of a thousand people, no less), coincidently becoming the first person to play Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash to the public, right from the acetate; and since then he never looked back. Later that year and in ‘92, Adam came out with his first records, Listen (Brooklyn Groove) and Lost In Hell (Rave Age), selling thousands of copies in the UK and solidifying his name among the buoying underground techno scene –both across the US and abroad, where his brother, Frankie Bones, had been first brought to play at massive raves with turnout in the tens of thousands.

The record shop was later moved to the Lower East Side in 1995 (now with Heather Heart as the third partner since joining the brothers in ’91) and renamed to Sonic Groove Records, now also a record label. They prided themselves in maintaining a rare and fully-stocked back catalogue of strictly techno records, and this is what made the shop globally recognized. In the next decade, Adam would tour the world over, promote storm raves in NY (though less frequently due to Giuliani’s heavily enforced ‘Quality of Life’ act), and remain very focused on the record shop until its closure in 2004. At that point, Adam remained the sole owner of the label and has been his endeavor ever since. A few years later he moved to Berlin and has been living there for over 5 years now.

For this night – Erratic’s 2-Year Anniversary Event – he will be flown back to NY to play an exclusive and extended set for us, just like in the old days. To get a taste of what to expect, be sure to check his Boiler Room set as well as his CLR podcast, which represent what Adam X has always been about musically: raw, hard, impending, industrial techno.