Apr 19th, 2014

Erratic presents NESS

Another U.S. Debut from Prologue / Synewave

Erratic presents: Ness (Prologue, Synewave)
$10 advance tickets, $15 with RSVP
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Doors 10-4am @ Cameo Gallery

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On Saturday, April 19th, we are proud to present a unique and exclusive show with one-of-a-kind DJ and producer, known for his excellent mixing skills and exceptional music productions, NESS. This will be one of only two gigs while in the US and on this night he will play an extended 3-hour set at what has become our regular stomping ground – Cameo Gallery – located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are limited $10 tickets on RA, otherwise be sure to RSVP (www.erraticnyc.com) for reduced admission all night.

Andrea, who is originally from Italy but currently based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, has been experimenting with sound since the late 90s and, over the years, has managed to create his own, highly refined, palette falling between the warm textures of dub techno and the icier layers of its hypnotic, experimental, and ambient sub-forms. Some of the history of his involvement in the scene includes the opening of his record store in his hometown of Sardinia, Italy, in 2007; founding his own imprint, Mono Records, in 2009; and since 2010, the running of The God’s Plannet (TGP) alongside friend and equal talent, Claudio PRC.

What is probably most exciting and impressive about Andrea is his ability to capture the audience in a way few deejays can. Whether live on a gig or on a recorded mix, Ness subliminally takes you on a sonic joyride that starts slow and welcoming, but that later swallows you whole amidst the most intense rhythmic patterns a listener could experience. Two examples of this artistry are his Erratic Podcast 41 and his latest Invite’s Choice Podcast 131. These musical journeys both deliver something truly special, and on this night you will be able to witness this and more. As always, the residents, Dos Lokos, will be on the opening duties warming things up. See you on the dancefloor!