Jul 27th, 2012

Erratic Play with Syed Raza and friends

Celebrating birthdays and debauchery

Erratic Play: Celebrating Syed Raza’s birthday with friends

10:00pm – 7:00am, 21+
Email RSVP@ERRATICNYC.COM with names of all guests
**Location and details will be sent out the day of the event**

After a couple of months of recharging and rejuvenating, Erratic brings you an extraordinary Erratic Play event (the play of plays they say!), featuring a ridiculous lineup of local DJs for 9 straight hours of solid Techno. To add to that, we will be celebrating our friend, Syed Raza’s birthday on this night, as he will be fresh off his European tour and will be bringing his bag full of goodies to bang for the occasion. This shitshow is FREE admission all night with RSVP –just send us an email to (rsvp@erraticny.com) to find about the location and details, which will be sent the day of the event.

About the Shit-show(ers) –

//SYED RAZA (Sama/Frakture/Brood/Teggno)
One half of Subfractal, he is a DJ/producer and label owner of Frakture Audio. Resident DJ of Sama, his sound is promptly recognized by the broad, pounding basslines, representing the driving and the daunting.

Head honchos and resident DJs behind the Erratic emblem, they blend the driving with the hypnotic and collaboratively manage to achieve a contagious, uplifting synergy that moves both the mind and the body.

//JUSTIN SCHUMACHER (Good For You Records/Ill Bomb Records)
Characterized by sheer funk and groove, he is a talented DJ/producer who was recently catapulted to stardom as the Audio Injection remix of his Gate track was and still is played across the globe, amassing spiraling praise and support.

True veterans to the NYC underground scene, their selections are cerebral and their sensibilities instinctual, rendering their output deep, dark, and thought-provoking, and their cuts and edits penetrating.

//FRANK CHIARELLO (Teggno Records)
DJ and producer, he spans and intertwines different styles and scenes, and his versatile skills make him popular and demanded; whether he opens or closes, he tailors his sound and delivers.

//CRAFT (Twice As Proper/Hidden Recordings/Ill Bomb Records/Subtrak)
Man of many trades, he is an experienced DJ/producer with innumerable productions and collaborations across many international labels, and organizer/resident DJ of the Twice As Proper parties in NYC that have been running for the past 5+ years and counting.

Avid and veteran club-goer, and chief editor/curator/interviewer of CGNY, she has a keen ear for seamlessly mixing across genres from Techno to dub to minimal, and she’ll rock you without knowing.