Feb 23rd, 2013

10 Years of Echocord

Kenneth Christiansen, Fluxion, Luke Hess & More

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On Saturday, February 23rd, we proudly present our first event of 2013 and Erratic’s biggest show yet –an exclusive label showcase celebrating “10 Years of Echocord Records.” This is a rare and unique opportunity we have been curating for a while and includes 4 lauded headliners from across the globe: Kenneth Christiansen (Denmark – label founder and “Culture Box” club owner), Fluxion (Greece – USA debut), Luke Hess (Detroit), and Brendon Moeller (NYC). This will take place at a proper, underground location (boasting a booming four-point system), which will be announced the day of the event –RSVP on www.ErraticNYC.com to receive details and location.

Kenneth Christiansen is the founder of the acclaimed Danish brand purveying deep, dub, down-tempo techno for the past 10 years, Echocord Records (and its sublabel Echocord Colour). He is also the owner of the famous European club “Culture Box” (located in Copenhagen, Denmark), open since 2005 and currently considered an international hub as well as an institution in the global electronic scene. A DJ for over 20 years now, Kenneth grew up on the acid house and techno that was prevalent among illegal warehouse parties taking place all over the Danish capital throughout the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. There he developed the music appreciation he would later foster into two major outlets, a label and a dance-floor, right in his hometown of Copenhagen. After a decade of pushing this sound and hosting superior talent from all around the globe, Kenneth has garnished the admiration and respect of artists and peers alike. His DJ sets are always adventurous and emblematic of this sound, and the Erratic Podcast he did for us last year (Episode #22) is a testament to the reputation and stature he holds in the genre. On this night, he will perform a headlining, vinyl-only DJ set taking us on a journey through the last 10 years of dub history he has helped write.

Fluxion, hailing from Athens, Greece, is a truly superlative producer of delicate dub and experimental techno, whose output has been gracing for the past 15 years three of the most heralded imprints in the genre: Chain Reaction (one of Basic Channel’s successors founded in 1995), Vibrant Music (Fluxion’s own label established in 1999) and Echocord Records (est. in 2002). Over the last few years, this latter one has become home to five of his releases (including two integral albums –“Perfused” in 2010 and “Traces” in 2012), rendering Fluxion a cornerstone of the Echocord label. Both of these full-lengths received profound accolades and epitomize the esoteric art of acoustic experimentation – “a characteristic of slowly evolving parts, which form musical pieces over long periods of time, and where sounds are heavily processed, to such a point, that the origin of a sound has little to do with the result at the end of the process.” Fluxion plays live and has yet to come state-side, so on this night he will make his USA debut delivering a special, peak-time set expressing what he feels through his improvisation approach and live acoustic experimentation.

Luke Hess is the new-wave techno star out of Detroit. Holding a sound engineering degree, his productions carry an exquisite dub undertone and are both deep and evoking. Luke is an exceptional electronic artist and has been releasing incomparable and emotive dub techno for the past 15 years on a dozen labels, the most influential being FXHE, Planet-E, and Echocord. His own imprint, DeepLabs, is consciously reserved (serving as a catalyst) for his deeply personal pieces. In 2009, he released his debut album “Light In The Dark” on Echocord, which rapidly amassed glowing reviews and was regarded as one of the best deep techno albums of the year –instantly becoming a landmark in his career. He has played both live and DJ sets all over the world and has showcased his talent in numerous appearances at his hometown’s Detroit Movement Festival over the last 10 years. Luke’s live sets are nothing short of exemplary and on this night he will be performing an exclusive one, suiting the occasion.

Brendon Moeller, originally from South Africa, is a distinguished dub techno producer who has been based out of New York City for the past 20 years. He holds an impressive and eclectic production repertoire, encompassing 8 full-lengths and innumerable EPs across over two-dozen labels; and he is the owner of his own imprint, Steadfast. His latest LP (released in 2012 on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe) received raving reviews and was accompanied by outstanding remixes from the likes of Ben Klock, Jonas Kopp, and Tommy Four Seven, establishing him as a high-in-demand DJ and artist. Brendon’s unique and distinct sound permeates across all of his productions on Echocord (which span several years and multiple EPs) and his performances are a hybrid act between live and DJ. Having hosted Brendon for an extended live set as Echologist, it is a pleasure to have him back representing the branded sound of the label. On this night, he will perform an exclusive late-hour live set that has seldom been showcased before.

Chanski, DJ, up-and-coming producer, and no stranger to Erratic, is a growing local talent whom we are very happy to have open this special show with his trademark sound of deep, dub, and hypnotic textures. He has a plethora of unreleased productions he has been working on lately and surely some of these will be tested on this night. Adding to the festive spirit will be his own birthday, so make sure you come early and celebrate it by enjoying the music he will be sharing.