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Dos Lokos, the minds behind Erratic, are a pair of fine techno purveyors and connoisseurs who have been active deejaying since the inception of their emblem in 2011. On a personal level, they are long time friends who share a genuine passion towards the arts and techno, found and manifested within the scenes of the underground. On a professional level, they aim to infuse and catalyze these experiences into a unique and energetic style, a back-to-back dj set –represented by equal amounts of shrewdness, depth, and artistry. Having played both opening and headlining slots, short sets and all-night marathons, they know how to work their crowd, constantly stimulating the minds and moving the feet, and always keeping them coming back for more.

Listen to the sets they have done both together and separately, recorded in the studio or live at the party, to get a flavor of their style.